Hong Kong School Speech Festival
Students actively participated in the "73rd Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival" organised by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association.  Encouraging results were attained in the competitions. Many students get the certificates of Merits.
P.2-4 Merits P.3 Solo Verse Second Place
3B Yau Yi Nga
P.5-6 Merits  

Monthly English Day
Students enjoy Monthly English Day. They participate in games, mini-concerts and other English activities at recess. They have a lot of fun!
HNYP Post Banner Design Competition
Students did a great job in the competitions. Here are the good works of the champions.
Cheung Yat Tung, Ginnie 2D

Situ Su, Melissa 6A
English Radio Drama Team
The members of English Radio Drama Team have training and practise hard with teachers. They join The 13th English Radio Drama competition and have got satisfactory results.
English TV Channel
English teachers and NET produced the English TV programmes for Students. Students enjoyed them very much.
English Drama Team and Kiddie Drama
Kiddie Drama for P.1-3 students is held every Friday. The native-speaking English tutor plays games and teaches students skills on performing short plays and dramas.
English Drama Team members, who are from P.4-6, meet every Friday. They have drama training for preparing for the School Drama Festival.