Overall Objectives

To develop students’ever improving capability to use English in the following domains:

  1. To think and communicate in English effectively.
  2. To acquire, develop and apply knowledge in real life situations.
  3. To respond and give expressions to experience.
  4. To improve students’ ability in acquiring the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  5. To develop students’ interests and skills in learning English as a second language.
English Curriculum

School-based Phonics Programme

P.1-3 students have Phonics lessons with our NET teacher every week. From basic letter sounds to blending skills, giving our students a head start with reading English.

NET Reading and Speaking Lessons

Our NET teachers carry out reading lessons in P.1-2 and speaking lessons in P.3-6 regularly, helping our students to be capable and confident in using English.


Learning by Doing in English Lessons

Learning by doing is one of the most effective ways to absorb and retain knowledge. In both NET and LETs lessons, our teachers organize interesting learning activities to motivate our students.


English Activities

Our students learn outside classrooms and participate in different English activities, such as regular recess activities, English Days, Story Writing Competitions, Musical Drama, Hand Puppetry, Reading Buddies and other after-school classes.

English Musical Team and Hand Puppetry

English Days